Generator Delivery to “Yahotynteplomerezha” Municipal Heating Company

We will do our best to keep our children warm and safe this winter! Our foundation, under the “Operation Sunflower” coalition, continues delivery of the generators. This time three generators were received by a municipal heating company “Yahotynteplomerezha”. The generators will be used to maintain the boiler house at 36 Nezalezhnosti Street and to provide power to the boiler houses that heat kindergartens during shutdowns.

Specifications: One diesel generator with a capacity of 20 kVA is three-phase with an automatic start system, and the other two gasoline generators with a capacity of 7.5 kVA are single-phase.

Oleh Forostianyi passed the Letter of Gratitude to the Foundation’s representative, Oleksandr Chernikov, for his concern and assistance at such a difficult time for the country!